Frequently Asked Questions

Optional Air Testing Services

  • a. Includes a Visual Mold Inspection
  • b. A minimum of 3 sample air test, with an Air Test Analysis, included in the Visual Mold Inspection.

A visual Mold Inspection Includes the following:

Whole house mold inspection with a written report explaining any Conducive Conditions that could contribute to colony mold growth, documentation of any visible colony mold growth, and explanation of the root cause of the problem, a step by step corrective action plan (or a mold remediation plan) and what AMCR would charge to implement such a plan.

AMCR can provide a Cost Estimate Proposal

Includes a Scope of Work within a contract proposal

AMCR can provide their clients with access to a $100,000 insurance backed warranty that includes an annual ongoing Property Management Report that includes a 199 point inspection.  This level of protection is designed to fill in any gaps in your existing home owners insurance you may already have, and can allow you to lower your premiums of your existing policies, which can be lacking in mold protection.  Call us today with your interest and questions on how we can ensure the successful sale of your home, with the help of our comprehensive warranty products against water and mold damage and how AMCR can identify and correct conducive conditions that would otherwise prevent the sale of your home.