Mold Inspection Services

Augusta Mold Control and Removal is a Mold Remediation Specialist Contractor who is a Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor for residential homes and commercial buildings.

It’s important to schedule a Mold Inspection and Assessment if a routine building inspection, such as a home inspection performed prior to the sale of a home, reveals a potential colony growth of any suspicious organic growths with about 5 to 10 square feet of coverage.

The best time to schedule a Mold Inspection is after heavy rains and inclement weather. You’ll never know when moisture can creep into your home and undermine the foundation. Don’t worry, because we provide solutions to problems unearthed by our mold home inspections.

Contact our staff at AMCR to schedule your Mold Inspection. As part of our inspection process, we will try to identify any root cause for any apparent mold colony growth we find. In addition, we can determine if the air quality, when compared to the outside normal environment, has exceeded normal safety ranges inside the living space of your home. And finally, AMCR can offer a set of tasks to correct the problem in our remediation plans and offer a cost estimate for any aspect of the process that we can contribute to the plan.

Call Augusta Mold Control and Removal today to set your appointment. In most cases, our response time is within two business days or less.