Mold Remediation

Augusta Mold Control and Removal is unique in the Augusta Local Market because we offer complete solutions for mold issues. Our Remediation Site Plan covers the initial removal and treatment of your property. We then install moisture control systems that protect your investment over the long haul. Finally

Mold Inspection Services

Augusta Mold Control and Removal is a Mold Remediation Specialist Contractor who is a Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor for residential homes and commercial buildings. It’s important to schedule a Mold Inspection and Assessment if a routine building inspection, such as a home inspection

Correcting Water Intrusion

Adding French drains can prevent water from slipping under your house while coming down a hill. Augusta Mold Control and Removal can develop a Job-site plan that includes an effective french drain system. When used in combination with other installed system components, water and moisture control issues

Mold Removal Specialist

Any moist area in a home could potentially have mold growing in it. This includes drywall, insulation, roofing and areas around plumbing pipes. In some cases, you’ll be able to spot mold right away and can call us for residential mold removal. However, in many cases, you might not be able to see the mold until it has spread far from its source

Emergency Services for water intrusion events

Did you just experience a burst pipe or water heater? Call Augusta Mold Control and Removal and we can send out our Emergency Response Team. We can quickly respond to your emergency and begin to minimize any potential water damage before it turns into a mold problem. AMCR works will all home owner’s insurance providers and will help protect your investment from further damage.

Air quality testing

Air Quality Testing includes an Air Quality Assessment report to measure and identify any mold spores present in the tested environment.  Our standardized air quality testing process ensures the most accurate results and our reports are delivered in clear, understandable language.  This service is strongly recommended for clients who have health concerns such as allergies or respiratory health.  In this capacity, AMCR serves as an environmental testing inspector and has been called upon as an expert witness in the Georgia Court System.

Visual Mold Inspection includes a complete building inspection and written report on all building systems which have an effect on possible mold growth.  Our detailed reports include photos, identify the root cause of any mold growth, and any recommendations for corrective actions or prevention.

Mold Remediation Contracting provides the complete care solution for your mold problem.  With mold remediation contracting, we repair the root cause of the issue to stop the mold from coming back.  Combined with our mold and water-intrusion warranty, this solution is the best defense against mold for your home or business.

We proudly serve the CSRA (within 50 miles of Augusta, GA) with all of the above services and more.

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