Some of our services include:

Visual Mold Inspection include a whole building inspection and includes a written report on all the building systems that have an effect on possible mold growth. Our detailed reports include photos and identify the root cause of any mold growth. We also include recommendations for corrective actions.

Air Quality Testing includes the Visual Mold Inspection report which includes an Air Quality Assessment which will explain the Lab Results in everyday language. This service is strongly recommended for clients who may have health concerns,. In this capacity, AMCR serves as an environmental testing inspector and has served as an expert witness in the Georgia Court System.

Mold Remediation Contracting rounds out AMCR’s services list. Our name explains everything we can do. We offer complete solutions for any potential mold issue, making sure to address the root cause of the issue, and solve it.

If you live within 50 miles of Augusta, Ga, be sure to call us for a professional estimate (complete with a scope of work with itemized list of services and their costs)

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